We at Baraqah are extremely happy that we have been successful in contributing to the pashmina industry by sponsoring research of a sample obtained from an African Boer Goat in Kashmir.

The Story of African Boer Fiber:

One fine day, Mohammad Anam Ul Haq & Abdul Rub Shah; the owner of Shah Goat farms observed that their African Boer buck was secreting a cotton like fine fiber. The word reached our co-founder Mohammad Ahtisham who is the member of the same family. Upon checking the sample, found that the feel of the sample seems familiar with the pashmina shawls that we deal with at Baraqah. Mohammad Ahtisham showed the sample to our co-founder Furqan Bilal Bazaz and they both decided to get it tested. The sample was taken to pashmina testing laboratory at Craft development institute Nowshera, Srinagar where Mr Yunus (Manager Pashmina) & Mr Jasbir Singh (Tester pashmina) did rigorous testing on the sample. after completing their tests, they found out that the diameter of the fiber strands was 14 microns and its fineness is at par with the fiber obtained from the Changthangi goats in Ladakh. In addition to quality, this newly discovered fiber is also eligible for G.I Labelling because its fineness is lesser than 16 microns. To read more on G.I Labelling, Kindly refer to the attached link.
Pashm is mainly sourced from three places in the world, i.e Ladakh, Mongolia & China. The Pashm from Ladakh is considered to be the best in quality and it fineness is within the range of 14-16 microns. The pashm from Mongolia and china have fineness ranging from 16 to 19 Microns.

Further progress:

The samples are being further tested for reliability, durability and other additional parameters at CDI Srinagar. There is no doubt that the quality is at par with the fiber sourced from Ladakh, however there is almost zero presence of African Boer goats in Kashmir which restricts the mass production of this fiber.