Modest Fashion, what it is all about?

Modest fashion is the practice of wearing clothes that are less skin revealing. Be it a man or a woman, the definition of modest clothing applies to both. Modest wear is also termed modest fashion, modest clothing, modest attires, etc. Modest clothing is practiced mostly due to the spiritual and religious inclinations of a person. While practicing modest clothing, a person prefers clothes that are loose, cover most of one’s body, and are in accordance with one’s religious principles. Presently, modest fashion is only attributed to Muslims however modest fashion is not just for Muslims. The scope of modest clothing is in almost every religion out there but it is not widely practiced. Check out the Concept of modest wear in major religions for more information on this topic. Modest fashion is experiencing a boom currently and is finding its way into the mainstream.

The market for modest fashion:

The modest fashion industry is booming at a huge pace. The  State of the Global Islamic Economy estimates that the modest clothing market could be worth more than £226bn. In addition to this, Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC) in Dubai is of the view that the modest clothing industry is worth USD 322 billion globally. Moreover, a big chunk of modest clothing market exists in 1.45-trillion ethnic wear market. Even after having such a big market, the scope of modest fashion is highly undervalued.

What is missing in modest fashion?

Modest fashion is as good as western wear but what modest clothing is lacking is the presence of innovation within the limits of modesty and mainstream modest fashion brands. Currently, modest fashion is getting trendier day by day but there are very few modest fashion brands present globally.  We at Baraqah, started our journey in 2018 to create a quality-driven and customer-centric global modest fashion brand. Help us serve your modest clothing needs by shopping for our Modest clothing products.

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